About us

404 Studio is a fashion brand - born and based in Spain - whose approach to Fashion is based on seeking uniqueness and reinventing tradition through a contemporary vision, by the design and production of crafted garments, ensuring the highest quality and working with local artisans and manufacturers.

However, the whole concept goes far beyond a mere fashion brand, being considered as a laboratory of creation, merging fashion with different creative expressions such art and cult films. 

Each collection features the collaboration with an artist, until now the brand has worked with Alex Marco and Lucía Blas among others.

The brand recreates an artistic universe, offering an experience that allows people to glimpse into, each collection inspired by a different cult film, such as La Planète Sauvage by René Laloux or Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky.

404 Studio's journey started at one of the most known private clubs, Silencio (Paris), where the brand made the first presentation. A month after the brand recreated the same event at Soho House Barcelona.

404 Studio has shown collections at MBFW Madrid, Los Angeles Fashion Week, MBFW Russia and London Fashion Week.

Recently, 404 Studio has won the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Prize, with "La Planète est Sauvage" collection

In this short time, 404 Studio has dressed national and international celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Kylie Minogue, Halsey and Anitta among others reaching the U.S. market and named by Fashion United at the top 20 of Spanish most international brands.

404 Studio has been featured in Vogue Italy, i-D, Forbes, Odda, Neo2, NowFashion, Metal, Grazia Russia, Cosmopolitan España, El País, Marie Claire, Elle Belgie, PopSugar, Vein Magazine, Smoda, Hola!, Vogue Spain, L'Officiel... among others.