La planète est Sauvage is inspired by the film La Planéte Sauvage. The Sauvage Planéte (1973) is a French cult film based on Stefan Wul’s novel and directed by René Laloux.

Through science fiction and animation for adults, it deals with a psychological drama in which there is the distant Ygam planet where giant creatures called “Draags” live.

The main theme shows us the superiority of a race that consideres itself the legitimate owner of the planet against the presence of small vermins, which in this case in this case it’s us human beings, which makes us reflect and adopt a new perspective on many of our customs and relationships with animals and our surroundings.


A second social reading about the exotic between both cultures and its reflection concludes that there isn’t good or bad, but positions of ignorance both on one side and the other.

As a visual reference, we adopt the use of colors and forms of aliens, landscape and forms of nature.


The aesthetics of the film and its drawings, we can relate them to the “Codex Serafinianus”, the illustrated encyclopedia that appeared a few years after the premiere of the film. In both cases we can appreciate the creation of elements of nature and living beings, created from imagination and surreal inspiration as if was about “the garden of delights”.

This collection was awarded with the MERCEDEZ-BENZ FASHION TALENT PRIZE