"No Me Quedan Lágrimas" (I have no tears left) presented during the 080 Barcelona Autumn/Winter 2023 runwayis inspired by the "quinqui" culture of Spain during the transition period.
With this collection, the brand aims to elevate our underground culture by using noble materials such as Swarovski crystals and mohair, giving them a leading role.
During the troubled and socially unstable era of the 70s and 80s, the "quinqui" culture emerged as a counterculture to the famous Movida Madrileña. While the latter was praised by contemporaries, the "quinqui" culture was commonly marginalized and denigrated.
Referencing the filmography of the Spanish famous underground film director Eloy de la Iglesia, including iconic films such as "Navajeros," "Colegas," "La estanquera de Vallecas," and "El Pico," this collection alludes to the famous song by Rumba tres - "No Tears Left" - and delves into the ambiance of that era through characters like "El Jaro" and "Las Grecas."
Tailoring is used to represent the character of the actor Enrique San Francisco, while distressed denim pays homage to "El Jaro" and "El Vaquilla," referencing the punctures made during robberies.

Elements from the world of motor vehicles are incorporated into knitwear and jewelry, alluding to the more than 500 cars stolen by "El Jaro" at a young age.
New fibers such as mohair are introduced, with cuts and shapes reminiscent of lingerie, paying tribute to the Mexican actress Isela Vega.

Handmade crochet flowers appear in various forms throughout the collection, created with the same material used for making Manila shawls, serving as a homage and in memory of Antonio and Lola Flores, famous flamenco and rock singers from Spain.

This season, 404 Studio collaborates with the Valencian artist Marina Marco to create limited edition hand-painted pieces.

The brand also collaborates with Swarovski to create exclusive applications for the collection in the shape of gunshots, with the slogan "lágrimas" (tears)

Fujifilm Instax supports the collection by capturing backstage moments and creating two exclusive crochet cases inspired by the collection. Artist Marina Marco intervenes with a Fujifilm Instax 12 camera.

Pedro Gómez Madrid joins forces with the brand to create two exclusive and limited edition overcoats.

404 Studio once again collaborates with Lavani Jewels to design an exclusive jewelry collection that references the motor world and the entire "quinqui" culture, featuring metal plating in pink, green, blue, and red.

adidasa very popular brand in Spain during the 70s and 80s, is integrated into the collection through the use of unfinished crochet flowers resembling Manila shawls, the intervention of pieces by artist Marina Marco, and the use of foil on Gazelle sneakers reminiscent of a football aestheticSport shirts with fictional logos of the "Real Estanco de Vallecas" referencing the film "La estanquera de Vallecas" and "Bar el Globo" where the famous scene between Jose Luis Manzano and Enrique San Francisco was filmed, are also featured.
Sendra Boots contributes to the project through an exclusive collaboration, and Navajas Roncero also contributes to the collection.